Home of the Tooseys
The home of the Toosey's...

We all love living here in Essex at the beautiful historic and medieval Park Hall. The recorded history of the land surrounding our home dates back a long time ago to 1016 but back in the 14th century monk’s from the Royal Court used to live here. This was so far back in time that we little Norfolk Terriers did not even exist. We had not been invented!

The monks we are sure could have done with our help. We could have kept all those nasty rats at bay while they tended to their live stock and we could have kept their monastery safe from all marauding intruders. We could even have sat on their laps to keep them warm at night!

Makes you wonder how the monks managed to live without a Norfolk Terrier or two…..nowadays we are much sought after as a companion and loyal friend.
Our home, Park Hall, offers fabulous antique-filled accommodation giving a true medieval feel with opulent four-poster suites and oak beamed cottages nestled in the beautiful grounds that the monk’s could only have dreamt of. Middle Age paintings, including one of the Virgin Mary surrounded by Latin prayers, seated on a throne were discovered in one room, a priest hole in another. Other treasures on site include urns commissioned by King Henry VIII… we even have a friendly ghost!

Today guests from all over the world visit here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the glorious beaches and of course to meet us too. It goes without saying that they all fall in love with the Toosey Norfolks.

Many a guest has gone home with one of us, intentionally or otherwise. Once Freddie jumped in the back of a car and hid there while guests were packing up their car ready for a day at the seaside. Freddie, who quite fancied a day out on the beach, was only spotted when he popped his head up to bark ‘hello’ as they arrived at the beach!

Yes, we Norfolk are full of fun and have many a tale to tell.

We would love to meet you!