Nutty Nutmeg

I am a cheeky little Norfolk…

Hello everyone! I was born a very precious Toosey singleton puppy and was also quite a surprise. The scan did not find me, I was hiding!

When I popped out it was on to my mummy’s knee. She was quite amazed but here I am and quite gorgeous too… I am referred to as ‘The Blond Bombshell’ as I am wheaten in colour. Yes I am also quite a flirt and very cheeky too!

I love all my toys. My favourite is a pink pig which I try and hide from all the other Toosey Norfolk!

We all get on so well and love playing together here at Park Hall out in the gardens. We also love our long walks each day where we go across the fields, through the woods and around the lily lakes. Sometimes we go to the beach which is great fun!

My favourite game is ‘chase’ which I always win as I can run really fast. I also love to run around and around and that is why I am called Nutty Nutmeg!

Lots of Love,
Your Nutty Nutmeg!