Suzy Crumble

I am a very special girl…

As a young puppy I was very ill and would have died had mummy not rescued me.

With the total love and adoration from everyone here at Park Hall and with the dedicated help of the wonderful and talented veterinary team at Dick White Referrals in Cambridge I have now blossomed into a beautiful and healthy Norfolk.

I just love being with my mummy, no matter what she is doing. I stay by her side watching her while she is busy working in the office and I go everyday to the club house to help her greet and welcome all the customers.

My favourite treat is going out in the car. If I see the car keys being jangled, before you can say anything, I am off waiting by the car ready for an outing. Everyone knows and loves me in all the department stores and I am given lots of treats by all my special friends!

I know I am a very lucky girl and I love my mummy very much.

Lots of Love,

Your Suzy Crumble!