Ruby Roo

Everybody loves me…

With a mixture of Jaeva, Richell, Elve and Franfoy pedigree blood in me I am rather special!

Together with my Toosey Friends I live at Park Hall which I am perfectly suited to as I am a country girl at heart. I love going out on the mule across the fields to feed all the partridges and pheasants or to run like the wind across the open spaces.

My gorgeous puppies, three red boys and one red girl, are affectionately known by all as the Shakespeares:
Toosey Midsummer’s Night Bear, Toosey Much A Do Bear, Toosey Twelfth Night Bear & Toosey As You Like It Bear.

They are loved by so many people worldwide and Teddy Bear and I are delighted that they will be making their new homes in The Netherlands, France, Scotland & England where more people can get to know and love the Toosey Norfolks!

Lots of Love,

Your Ruby Roo!