Poppy Pocket

I am just the cutest little rascal of a Norfolk Terrier…

With a long line of Nanfan, Titanium and Tanormin blood in me with a little bit of Belleville thrown in too it is no wonder that I am so cute and adorable!

I may be a small Norfolk Terrier but I am still a baby with the heart of a lion. I just want to be loved and adored. It is little wonder that my pedigree name is Toosey Love A Bear!

Lots of love and cuddles make me so happy as well as sitting with everyone in the evening around the fireside. Total bliss for a little Norfolk!

During the day whatever the weather, come rain or shine, you will find me out and about rummaging through all the ditches, chasing around the brambles and searching through the woods.

I once met a rabbit head on..…not too sure who was more surprised but we both lived on to tell the tale!

Lots of Love,

Your Poppy Pocket!